Marketing prospect of Solpro OÜ for entering export market.

(potential clients – design companies, construction firms, private individuals).


Solpro OÜ (or Solpro LLC) provides services in design and engineering in combination with construction contracts mainly on Estonian market. Thanks to the experience of our employees, we always find a suitable solution for the client that meets his needs and desires, economically profitable and efficient. The company intends to enter the Finnish market by offering high-quality design services at prices below the local market level.


It all starts with an idea! That's why we have gathered an advanced team of architects, engineers, designers and planners who will develop the project of new or reconstructed buildings for you. We closely monitor all emerging trends in architecture, and prefer to use both the latest and proven technology of construction.
Extensive experience of our experts to coordinate on prepared pre-project documents allows to develop the architectural design that meets both your wishes and requirements of organizations approving projects.


The company provides on an ongoing basis the following services:

- Design work
- Architectural design
- Design of private homes
- Constructional projects, calculations of structures
- Design of water supply and sanitation
- Design of heating and ventilation systems
- Design of electrical system
- Road design, design of roads and sites
- Projects to apartment associations, including insulation of facades and roofs
- Building permit, approval, authorization to operate
- Projects for the reconstruction of private homes
- Projects to redevelop, the increase in the area, extensions to the house
- Create a project and obtaining a building permit on the fact the house is built.


Technical supervision:
- Implementation of the technical supervision of the Customer.


The company has its website in the internet - (in estonian and russian languages, the finnish and english versions are in the process of implementation).


For more information, price offers and consultations please contact us by e-mail, or by phone


+372 5664 9659 (Design and engineering) – Roman Lebedev


CV of the board member and key employees may also be provided upon request.